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Wear Parts and Mill Liners

ASKO - Wear Parts, Mill Liners, Rolling Mills Wear Parts  ASKO

Technical Resources

Wear parts and mill liners for:

  • Cold reduction mills
  • Tandem mills
  • Temper mills
  • Hot Strip mills - continuous and reversing
  • Long products mills: pipe, tube, bar, and structural
  • Plate mills - continuous and reversing

Wear Parts and Mill Liners Trade Names

  • ASKO Grade
  • HydraLiner
  • ASKO CR (Corrosion Resistant)
  • ASKO Clad
  • ASKO CR Clad
  • ASKO 79
  • ASKO 77
  • ASKO Alloy
  • ASKO Plastic
  • ASKO Bronze

Wear Parts and Mill Liners Applications

ASKO Liners and Wear Parts protect mill housings and roll bearing chocks, reduce maintenance costs, improve rolled product tolerances, enhance mill alignment, and dampen mill vibration.

ASKO Liners and Wear Parts are applied in mill housings, back up roll chocks, work roll chocks, Mae West windows, and mill foundation components (rocker plates, pressure blocks, load cells, sled liners, and stack plates). Click here for illustration

Special Wear Parts and Mill Liners Application - Vibration Dampening

ASKO HydraLiners dampen mill vibration in cold reduction, tandem mills, and temper mills. ASKO's HydraLiners, inserted in place of conventional mill post liners, dampen vibration and rumble associated with the third and fifth octaves. Dampening vibration enables increased rolling speeds in mills that are speed limited by the onset of chatter. Mill speeds up to 15% higher are possible through the application of HydraLiners.

Wear Parts and Mill Liner Grades

ASKO Liners and Wear Parts are custom manufactured to customer size and drawing specification for each application. Our wear parts and liners are available in a wide range of grades including alloy and corrosion resistant solid and compound (clad) steel to match each particular need. For cold mill applications they also are available in plastic. Bronze liners are also available.

ASKO offers the following grade families for steel liners:

  • Tool steel - through hardened
  • Corrosion resistant steel - through hardened
  • Compound (clad) steel - corrosion resistant
  • Compound steel (clad)
  • Alloy steel
  • Pre-hardened alloy steel
  • Carbon steel
  • Bronze
  • Plastic

Wear Parts and Mill Liners Designs

ASKO Mill Liners and Wear Parts are available in all required designs. ASKO produces mill liners and wear parts to mill builder designs, user modified designs, and in special situations can offer design advice for improved performance. Liners and wear parts are furnished surface ground with fine tolerances and surface finishes and with vertical or horizontal grinder finishes, as required.

Wear Parts and Mill Liners Delivery and Ordering Information

ASKO Liners and Wear Parts are produced to order. To receive a quotation of price and delivery, please complete the information form or contact ASKO by phone, fax, or email.

Wear Parts and Mill Liners Technical Resources

For help with technical problems and technical questions see our technical resources on liners and wear parts.

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