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Recycling Shear Knives and Blades

Technical Resources

Alligator Shears

They may be small, but they are no less critical to your profitable operations. ASKO manufactures alligator shear knives to the same standards as our stationary and mobile shear knives. Whether easy-to-cut ferrous or the toughest non-ferrous, ASKO manufactures these knives for your exact metal processing needs. Ask about replacement knives for Mosley, D&K, Constellation, and more.

Stationary Shears

ASKO's Titan II grade is ideal for shearing all grades, shapes and sizes of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. Our knives are designed specifically for stationary shear applications, ensuring dependable, predictable and outstanding performance. Ask about replacement knives for Harris, Lindemann, and more.

Mobile Shears

When you are not absolutely sure what you will find in a pile of scrap, you need the reliabilty of ASKO's Titan II grade for mobile shears. Titan II exceeds OEM standards by creating a unique steel metallurgy able to cut just about anything you will find in the jaws of your shear. Ask about replacement knives for LaBounty, Genesis, JRB, Catepillar, and more.


When you are processing off site, the last thing you need is down time due to broken knives in your baler. Count on ASKO's Titan II grade to help you exceed your production goals. Titan II is designed to handle the unexpected materials you face everyday. Ask about replacement knives for Selco, Sierra, Logemann, Colmar, and more.

Waste Recycling Shears

Whether it's paper, non-ferrous or steel processing, ASKO knives are designed to maintain a superior edge under any processing situation. Every ASKO knife is made to exceed the OEM's tolerances for fit and performance criteria. Let ASKO help you lower your operating costs and exceed your production goals. Ask about replacement knives for Harris, Logemann, and more.

In stock knives and accessories

ASKO stocks knives and accessories for over 175 different models. Chances are ASKO has your knife ready to ship today. We also custom manufacture knives for any other mobile or stationary shear in the world, for your unique application.

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Also wear parts and liners for balers - see Machine Ways and Specialty Wear Parts

Shear Blades and Knife Accessories

  • Bolts
  • Seats
  • Shim plates
  • Piercing tips
  • Guide Knives

Shear Blades and Knife Applications

ASKO Recycling Industry Shear Blades, knives, and accessories are applied in large and small machines alike for shearing all grades, shapes, and sizes of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. Shear Blades and knives are also applied in non-metal recycling applications including plastics and paper.

Shear Blades and Knife Grades

ASKO's most popular grade for shear blades and knife recycling, Titan II, has been carefully developed for use in the harshest of general scrap shearing applications. For special applications, other grades matched to application are available.

Shear Blades and Knife Designs

ASKO produces Recycling Industry Shear Blades and Knives to shear builder designs, user modified designs, and in many situations can offer design advice for improved performance.

Delivery and Ordering Information for Recycling Industry Shear Blades and Knives

Most ASKO Recycling Industry knives, shear blades, hydraulic shears and accessories are available from stock for immediate delivery. To obtain a quotation of price and delivery, please click here. Also, always feel free to phone, fax, or email ASKO with your request for quotation or information.

ASKO has the largest supply of in-stock knives in the world, ready to ship today. Click here to learn about our support programs.

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