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Slitter Knives and Slitter Tooling

ASKO - Slitter Knives, Slitter Tooling, Slitter Accessories – ASKO

Technical Resources

Slitting Brochure

EdgeMaster Brochure

ASKO Slitter Knives and Slitter Tooling Benefits:

  • Improved slit edge quality
  • Improved slit width control
  • Optimum slitter tooling inventory
  • Improved coil throughput
  • Improved coil utilization
  • Reduced set-up time
  • Retrievable slitter tooling set-ups
  • Reduced human skills required for set up and operation
  • Continuous improvement in your operation

Slitter Knives for Every Application

Wide range of slitter knives grades to suit every slitting application:

    Grades of tooling, including, ASKO, Squarkeen, Squarkeen#2, Askodyne "C", Supermet, Superkeen & Askomet are produced from a wide range of materials including: Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, High Speed Steel, Particle Metallurgy Steel, and Tungsten Carbide

Wide range of slitter tooling shapes, sizes and finishes to match every need

Tolerances to match every application include:

    Standard, Precision, Precision Plus, and Precision Plus with Super finish

EdgeMaster with Optional SWiM Slitter Set-Up Software

Third Generation slitter set up software

View expected slitting results before you process any metal. Easy to use and understand, easily configured to fit your slitter and slitting practices (no need to wait on developer for software modifications), unique features, most complete package available, facilitates continuous improvement in your operation.

Slitter Spacers

  • Tool steel slitter spacers
  • Corrosion resistant slitter spacers

Lightweight Slitter Spacers

Stripper Rings

  • Steel and steel bonded with Polyurethane or Rubber
  • Rubber Stripper Rings (Loose)
    • Polyurethane or Buna N


  • Steel shims
  • Plastic Shims

Slitter Tooling Accessories

  • Slitter knife hubs
  • Hydraulic hubs, mechanical hubs
  • Dedicated tool sets/quills/knife blocks
  • Overarm and tension stand separator spacers
    • Micarta, Nylon, Polyurethane, Dual hardness Polyurethane, Steel, and Steel bonded with rubber
  • Separator plates
  • Slip core rings
  • Slitter tooling storage and transfer boxes
  • Tooling storage cabinets

Hydraulic Nuts

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • F type for...
  • K type for...
  • Hand pumps
  • Pneumatic pumps
  • Accessories
  • Amtec's "Zero Datum Side Trimmer Lock-Up System"
  • Knife and Clamp Ring Assemblies

Professional Slitter Seminars

  • Shearing and slitter theory and practical applications

Slitter Tooling Systems Diagnostics and Training

  • Pre-Purchase assistance in specifying the right tools for the job
  • Pre-and post purchase assistance in assessing slitter maintenance, slitter specifications, and tooling related slitter set up and operational practices
  • Slitter operator training in tooling and software
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