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ASKO - Slitter Tooling Software, EdgeMaster™ Slitter Tooling Software

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EdgeMaster™ Slitter Tooling Software

EdgeMaster™ improves slit edge quality for packed arbors, speeds the set up process, and improves setup accuracy. It is powerful enough to cope with the unique demands of any coil processing operation, while simple enough to learn in hours.

Unlike other slitter tooling software, EdgeMaster analyzes the input data, searches its knowledge of the user's operating conditions, and, before making a cut, displays an image of your expected finished edge.  EdgeMaster generates a complete step-by-step arbor-loading sequence, maximizing the use of available slitter tooling.

To produce precise knife clearances, which greatly improve knife life and virtually eliminate burred edges, EdgeMaster automatically performs accurate mult width calculations once the tensile strength and thickness of the material being slit is entered.

EdgeMaster Slitter Tooling Software Features:

  • Simplified ring configuration utility
  • Configuration wizard
  • Simplified Knife Management program
  • Export Knife Management and SWiM data into Excel
  • Create and print multiple setups at one time
  • Combine two setups to save setup and take-down time
  • Set customer tolerances
  • create misalignment setup
  • Print barcode for setups
  • Add footers to printed pages
  • Receive technical support via phone, web and email

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With a precise, computer-generated, arbor-loading sequence and a simplified system of knives and spacers, slitters can obtain any mult width in increments of 0.001"/0.025mm or better.

Slitter Tooling Software Design

Designed for Microsoft® Windows®, ASKO's slitter tooling software is compatible with all Microsoft® operating systems. EdgeMaster can be installed as a stand-alone or as a client/server program. ASKO's EdgeMaster  software design and interface incorporate input from more than 2,000 customers operating ASKO shimless systems.

Slitter Tooling Software Ordering Information

ASKO slitter tooling setup software is a dynamic, robustly supported product, configured to order for each customer to ensure proper operations. To receive a quotation of price and delivery for any of our slitter tooling software, please complete the information form or contact ASKO by phone, fax, or email.

Contact EdgeMaster™ Technical Support

Questions about EdgeMaster? Contact EdgeMaster technical support via email or call 1-800-321-1310 x278.

Request an EdgeMaster™ Demo

Interested in an EdgeMaster demo? Request a demo, and an ASKO representative will contact you to schedule an online demonstration.

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