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Steel Mills

Tooling, wear parts and services for rolling, slitting, side trimming, sawing and shearing

Technology is ever changing how the steel industry works. For many applications, knives developed decades ago can effectively meet requirements. However, some applications require innovative materials with enhanced metallurgical properties. ASKO produces standard grade knives or custom-designed products for specific applications. Often, the proper knife material selection can reduce spending by lowering the number of spares needed for the job, and proper maintenance and reconditioning can further reduce the investment in knives and knife inventory.

ASKO manufactures knives and wear parts for every steel mill application. ASKO also offers full life-cycle, comprehensive management programs for shear knives and wear parts to help reduce costs and improve performance.

ASKO provides a complete line of knives, side trimmers and liner products for plate mill applications.

ASKO supplies crop, cobble and shear knife products for every application and profile.

Sheet, Strip, Flat-Rolled
ASKO provides a complete line of shear knives and wear parts for sheet, strip and flat-rolled mills.

Pipe and Tube
ASKO can provide products for all of your shear knife, slitter knife and wear parts requirements.

Structural and Rail
ASKO provides a complete line of products for shearing or wear part applications in structural and rail mills.

Scrap, Demolition and Waste Recycling
ASKO provides a complete line of products for all of your scrap, demolition and waste recycling needs.

ASKO Products for this industry:

ASKO's value to Steel Mills goes far beyond just products. Click here to learn about the support programs we've created, based specifically on what our customers have asked for.

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